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Hercules and Love Affair Share Video For My Curse and Cure

Thursday, 08 February 2018 Written by Huw Baines

Hercules and Love Affair have released a video for My Curse and Cure.

The track is cut from their recent LP 'Omnion', which arrived in September of last year through Big Beat Records, while the video is the work of the band’s Andy Butler and collaborator Joie Iacono under the name Hoarder. Butler said:

“The video is directed, styled, edited and manipulated by myself and Joie Iacono as part of our new audio/visual (and otherwise) creative endeavour, called Hoarder. My Curse and Cure is a song about the inevitability of pain in life. It was not an easy song to write, Gustaph and I wrestled with it.

"My personal modus operandi can easily turn to simply ‘avoid pain’ which is on some level very human and natural, but also simply prohibits personal growth. This song is an examination of the notion that pain can be a positive catalyst as well as a scourge in our existence."

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