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Fibz & Shamele$$ - Club Vision @ The Pier, Bognor Regis - 18th Sept 2010 (Live Review)

Wednesday, 22 September 2010 Written by Andy Byram
Fibz & Shamele$$ - Club Vision @ The Pier, Bognor Regis - 18th Sept 2010 (Live Review)

If you’re going to throw a party on a pier I would guess that there are few venues better than Club Vizion and few headliners currently better than the DJ duo Fibz & Shamele$$. Having already displayed their unique style at both Glastonbury and Bestival this year the pair certainly know how to make a crowd move and, what’s more, obviously enjoy doing it too! Behind the decks this pair are highly animated, bouncing and dancing almost as much as the happy revellers on the dancefloor and with a seemingly endless amount of energy.

Walking onto the terrace it was evident from the people already there that this was a highly anticipated set but having not seen them live before, I must confess to wondering what I was about to experience.

ImageTheir musical style is varied and incorporates their love of most styles of modern dance music, describing it as, “from Hip-Hop to Garage and House to Hardcore with a love of Electro basslines and Old Skool bangers.” With the decks set up under a Caribbean-style canopy, delicate lighting strings giving a soft glow, the crowd mingling about and chatting, the atmosphere was one of eager but relaxed anticipation. And then, ably assisted by MC’s Snook, Gleem and Ditt-O, the mayhem began...

From the start it was obvious that these boys are all about what they do best – throwing a mean party! With grins on their faces they bob and weave with the crowd, laughing and joking with each other as they gradually build up the vibe until it feels like the venue is going to explode.

Starting slowly, playing slightly more recognisable House, they mix deftly and confidently around each other, as if two halves of the same person. The dancefloor loves it. All over the terrace people are dancing and even those stood at the back and sat having a beer at the tables are nodding heads and tapping feet in time.

Although a little intrusive at the beginning of the set the MCs quickly found the formula that kept the crowd nicely hyped, peppering the tracks with just the right amount of patter from the formulaic through to the downright amusing. As they pass the microphone between each other they work almost as well as the 2 DJs and in quite a similar style.

As the show goes on the crowd continues to grow and Messers Fibz & Shamele$$ effortlessly begin to ramp up the bass and, around 30 minutes into their set, it’s as if a bomb has gone off. Transcending from the more straightforward House, they mix in ever increasing amounts of Electro and Dutch, occasionally dropping slightly more Dubstep influenced tunes to keep us all on our feet. And it works a treat. Looking around the terrace people are jumping, punching the air and dancing as hard as they can – and EVERYBODY is smiling.

Having been curious as to what I was going to experience I can honestly say that I wasn’t disappointed. From the word go this pair more than ably demonstrate why they are currently on the up as a Back-2-Back DJ team as they neatly, efficiently and with a sense of mischief and fun turn the dancefloor (and most of the surrounding area!) into a bunch of, quite literally, raving lunatics.

And they don’t stop. Most people would have expected a slight wind down in the intensity towards the end of the set but they aren’t letting up one bit, pulling the dancers with them as they gleefully stage-manage the mayhem going on in front of them.

When the set finishes the place is buzzing, cheering, stamping and waving and behind the decks they stand with outstretched arms, triumphant and smiling at the happy nutters who have followed their every move and mix for the last two and a half hours. These guys are good at what they do. Very good. Me and the other couple of hundred people on the terrace know this, long may they continue!

Stereoboard Set Rating: 10/10

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