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Mrs Browns Boys tickets
Mrs Browns Boys
Mrs Brown’s Boys have added extra dates to their D’Musical UK tour.
April 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Mrs Browns Boys are priced from £
Jack Whitehall tickets
Jack Whitehall
Jack Whitehall has announced the Stood Up UK and Ireland tour for winter 2019, with extra dates added to meet demand.
December 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Jack Whitehall are priced from £
Eddie Izzard tickets
Eddie Izzard
Eddie Izzard will bring his new comedy show, ’Wunderbar’, to the UK and Ireland throughout autumn 2019.
October 2019 (Fri 5th Apr 2019 - Sun 28th Apr 2019)
Tickets for Eddie Izzard are priced from £41.10
The Tenderloins tickets
The Tenderloins
Impractical Jokers have announced details of a UK and Ireland tour starring the Tenderloins called the Cranjis McBasketball World Comedy Tour.
October 2019 ( - )
Tickets for The Tenderloins are priced from £
Russell Howard tickets
Russell Howard
Comedian Russell Howard has added an extra Birmingham show to his autumn Respite tour.
September 2019 (Wed 4th Sep 2019 - Sun 5th Apr 2020)
Tickets for Russell Howard are priced from £35.28
Jimmy Carr tickets
Jimmy Carr
Jimmy Carr has expanded his upcoming Terribly Funny tour, adding a further 12 dates due to demand.
May 2020 (Fri 15th Mar 2019 - Sun 23rd Feb 2020)
Tickets for Jimmy Carr are priced from £35.28
Bianca Del Rio tickets
Bianca Del Rio
Comedy queen and RuPaul’s Drag Race champion Bianca Del Rio will return to the UK and Ireland next year on her Its Jester Joke tour.
September 2019 (Thu 22nd Aug 2019 - Thu 22nd Aug 2019)
Tickets for Bianca Del Rio are priced from £83.84
Still Game tickets
Still Game
Still Game have announced their Final Farewell Shows at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro for September and October 2019.
September 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Still Game are priced from £
Russell Brand tickets
Russell Brand
Russell Brand has announced a trio of intimate tour dates in February and March.
March 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Russell Brand are priced from £
Rhod Gilbert tickets
Rhod Gilbert
Rhod Gilbert has extended The Book Of John UK tour to include dates in August, September, October, November and December.
June 2019 (Sat 13th Apr 2019 - Fri 26th Jul 2019)
Tickets for Rhod Gilbert are priced from £26.88
Aziz Ansari tickets
Aziz Ansari
Aziz Ansari has rescheduled two Dublin dates on his Road To Nowhere tour to now take place in June.
April 2019 (Wed 3rd Apr 2019 - Mon 10th Jun 2019)
Tickets for Aziz Ansari are priced from £28.25
Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman tickets
Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman
Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman announce their Hollywood Babble-On tour is coming to the UK, the Babble The *U*K On! Tour.
May 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman are priced from £
Bill Bailey tickets
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey has added new Ireland dates to the summer 2019 leg of his Larks In Transit tour.
June 2019 (Thu 23rd May 2019 - Thu 13th Jun 2019)
Tickets for Bill Bailey are priced from £31.36
Al Murray tickets
Al Murray
Al Murray has revealed a new Dublin date on his 2019 stand-up tour, Landlord of Hope and Glory.
June 2019 (Sat 11th May 2019 - Sat 30th Nov 2019)
Tickets for Al Murray are priced from £30.25
Jerry Seinfeld tickets
Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld has announced his first UK shows in eight years.
July 2019 (Sat 13th Jul 2019 - Sat 13th Jul 2019)
Tickets for Jerry Seinfeld are priced from £122.36
Jason Manford tickets
Jason Manford
Jason Manford has added an new Salford date to his Muddle Class Tour.
April 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Jason Manford are priced from £
Kevin Bloody Wilson tickets
Kevin Bloody Wilson
Kevin Bloody Wilson brings his Almost awesome tour to the UK in 2019, celebrating 35 years of the Australian comedian.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Kevin Bloody Wilson are priced from £
Ed Byrne tickets
Ed Byrne
Ed Byrne has announced the If I’m Honest... UK tour.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Ed Byrne are priced from £
Michael Palin tickets
Michael Palin
Michael Palin has announces a new live stage show celebrating his new book Erebus: The Story Of A Ship.
June 2019 (Fri 5th Jul 2019 - Fri 5th Jul 2019)
Tickets for Michael Palin are priced from £38.64
Dara O Briain tickets
Dara O Briain
Dara O’Briain will perform as part of the 100 Hearts charity gala at the Palladium this February.
April 2019 (Sun 12th May 2019 - Sun 26th May 2019)
Tickets for Dara O Briain are priced from £31.04
Dylan Moran tickets
Dylan Moran
Dylan Moran has announced extra Dublin shows to his Ireland Dr Cosmos Tour due to high demand.
June 2019 (Thu 21st Mar 2019 - Sun 7th Apr 2019)
Tickets for Dylan Moran are priced from £32.20
Stewart Francis tickets
Stewart Francis
Stewart Francis has extended the UK and Ireland leg of his Into The Punset tour into autumn.
October 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Stewart Francis are priced from £
Josh Widdicombe tickets
Josh Widdicombe
Josh Widdicombe has announced the Bit Much... UK and Ireland tour throughout 2019.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Josh Widdicombe are priced from £
Russell Kane tickets
Russell Kane
Comedian Russell Kane has extended his new Fast and The Curious tour into November 2019.
February 2019 (Sun 24th Nov 2019 - Sun 24th Nov 2019)
Tickets for Russell Kane are priced from £23.52
Danny Baker tickets
Danny Baker
Danny Baker has announced a new comedy tour for 2019, caleld Good Time Charlie’s Back.
May 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Danny Baker are priced from £
Frank Skinner tickets
Frank Skinner
Frank Skinner has announced his huge new Showbiz tour, which will hit the road in the UK and Ireland throughout autumn.
October 2019 (Fri 13th Sep 2019 - Wed 11th Dec 2019)
Tickets for Frank Skinner are priced from £25.00
Rob Beckett tickets
Rob Beckett
Rob Beckett has added an extra Guildford date to his Wallop UK and Ireland tour.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Rob Beckett are priced from £
Jonathan Pie tickets
Jonathan Pie
Jonathan Pie has added a second London show to his Fake News Tour due to demand for tickets.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Jonathan Pie are priced from £
Julian Clary tickets
Julian Clary
Julian Clary will return to stages for a new 2019 tour, titled Born To Mince.
April 2019 (Wed 3rd Apr 2019 - Sat 8th Jun 2019)
Tickets for Julian Clary are priced from £28.00
Romesh Ranganathan tickets
Romesh Ranganathan
Romesh Ranganathan has added a new Edinburgh date to his Cynics Mixtape tour.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Romesh Ranganathan are priced from £
Kevin Smith tickets
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman announce Babble The *U*K On Tour, including shows in Dublin, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and London.
May 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Kevin Smith are priced from £
Jason Byrne tickets
Jason Byrne
Comedian Jason Byrne has announced his Wrecked But Ready tour of the UK for this autumn.
October 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Jason Byrne are priced from £
Mark Watson tickets
Mark Watson
Mark Watson has confirmed a 2019 tour of the UK with his Infinite show.
March 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Mark Watson are priced from £
Paul Zerdin tickets
Paul Zerdin
Puppeteer Paul Zerdin has announced a massive UK tour for this autumn/winter.
October 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Paul Zerdin are priced from £
Mo Gilligan tickets
Mo Gilligan
Mo Gilligan, aka Mo The Comedian, has announced two further London shows following the success of his Coupla Cans Tour last year.
April 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Mo Gilligan are priced from £
Reginald D Hunter tickets
Reginald D Hunter
Comedian Reginald D Hunter has announced his extensive Facing The Beast Tour throughout spring and summer 2019.
June 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Reginald D Hunter are priced from £
James Acaster tickets
James Acaster
James Acaster’s ’Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999’ tour will hit London’s West End for a Phoenix Theatre Residency in January.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for James Acaster are priced from £
Tommy Tiernan tickets
Tommy Tiernan
Comedian Tommy Tiernan has announced a Féile fundraiser date for Bearna GAA Club with his Paddy Crazy Horse show.
September 2019 (Fri 5th Apr 2019 - Sat 6th Apr 2019)
Tickets for Tommy Tiernan are priced from £13.35
No Such Thing As A Fish tickets
No Such Thing As A Fish
Podcasters No Such Thing As A Fish have announced additional UK and Ireland dates for 2019.
March 2019 (Tue 2nd Apr 2019 - Tue 28th May 2019)
Tickets for No Such Thing As A Fish are priced from £22.40
Paul Foot tickets
Paul Foot
Paul Foot has added more live UK dates to his 2019 Image Conscious tour.
October 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Paul Foot are priced from £
Justin Moorhouse tickets
Justin Moorhouse
Justin Moorhouse has announced 2019 dates for his Northern Joker tour.
February 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Justin Moorhouse are priced from £
John Robins tickets
John Robins
John Robins will tour the UK throughout autumn with a new show, Hot Shame.
September 2019 ( - )
Tickets for John Robins are priced from £
Ruby Wax tickets
Ruby Wax
Ruby Wax has added extra dates to her How To Be Human Tour throughout 2019.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Ruby Wax are priced from £
Lost Voice Guy tickets
Lost Voice Guy
Britain’s Got Talent winner Lost Voice Guy has announced a tour.
March 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Lost Voice Guy are priced from £
Bert Kreischer tickets
Bert Kreischer
Comedian Bert Kreischer has announced UK and Ireland dates for his Body Shots World Tour.
April 2019 (Tue 23rd Apr 2019 - Wed 1st May 2019)
Tickets for Bert Kreischer are priced from £22.00
Daniel Sloss tickets
Daniel Sloss
Daniel Sloss has added a new London date to his ’X’ tour plans.
January 2019 (Thu 16th May 2019 - Wed 6th Nov 2019)
Tickets for Daniel Sloss are priced from £11.20
Rachel Parris tickets
Rachel Parris
Rachel Parris adds an extra London date to her Its Fun To Pretend Tour.
March 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Rachel Parris are priced from £
Ardal OHanlon tickets
Ardal OHanlon
Ardal O’Hanlon will tour the UK in 2019 with a new comedy show, The Showing Off Must Go On.
November 2019 (Wed 6th Nov 2019 - Wed 6th Nov 2019)
Tickets for Ardal OHanlon are priced from £15.15
Paul Merton tickets
Paul Merton
Paul Merton’s Impro Chums tour heads out across UK comedy venues in 2019.
May 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Paul Merton are priced from £
Gary Delaney tickets
Gary Delaney
Gary Delaney hits the road up until April 2019 with his Gagster’s Paradise tour.
March 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Gary Delaney are priced from £
Ben Elton tickets
Ben Elton
Ben Elton has announced he’s returning to the road in 2019 with a new stand-up show.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Ben Elton are priced from £
Nish Kumar tickets
Nish Kumar
Comedian Nish Kumar has extended his It’s In Your Nature To Destroy Yourselves Tour to March 2019.
March 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Nish Kumar are priced from £
Hal Cruttenden tickets
Hal Cruttenden
Hal Cruttenden takes his Chubster tour across UK venues throughout 2018 and 2019.
March 2019 (Wed 27th Mar 2019 - Sat 23rd Nov 2019)
Tickets for Hal Cruttenden are priced from £14.85
Patton Oswalt tickets
Patton Oswalt
Patton Oswalt has unveiled a new Dublin date on his summer tour plans.
June 2019 (Thu 13th Jun 2019 - Thu 13th Jun 2019)
Tickets for Patton Oswalt are priced from £49.77
Tom Stade tickets
Tom Stade
Comedian Tom Stade takes his I Swear To... Tour across the UK and Ireland in 2019.
May 2019 (Tue 26th Mar 2019 - Wed 12th Jun 2019)
Tickets for Tom Stade are priced from £19.25
Jim Gaffigan tickets
Jim Gaffigan
Jim Gaffigan has confirmed a live performance at Ireland’s An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny as part of a massive world tour.
July 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Jim Gaffigan are priced from £
Demetri Martin tickets
Demetri Martin
Demetri Martin will bring his Wandering Mind tour to the UK and Ireland in the spring.
April 2019 (Wed 17th Apr 2019 - Wed 17th Apr 2019)
Tickets for Demetri Martin are priced from £28.00
Robert White tickets
Robert White
Britain’s Got Talent finalist Robert White takes his Tank Top Tour around the UK in early 2019.
March 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Robert White are priced from £
Foil Arms and Hog tickets
Foil Arms and Hog
Comedy trio Foil, Arms and Hog have added an extra Dublin show to their Craicling tour plans.
May 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Foil Arms and Hog are priced from £
Micky P Kerr tickets
Micky P Kerr
Comedian Micky P Kerr embarks on the Z List Celebrity: Life After Britain’s Got Talent Tour throughout April and May next year.
May 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Micky P Kerr are priced from £
Robin Ince tickets
Robin Ince
Robin Ince has lined up dates for his Chaos of Delight tour.
March 2018 ( - )
Tickets for Robin Ince are priced from £
Jess Robinson tickets
Jess Robinson
Impressionist and comedy singer Jess Robinson has extended her No Filter UK tour to conclude with a run at London’s Soho Theatre.
May 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Jess Robinson are priced from £
Matt Richardson tickets
Matt Richardson
Comedian Matt Richardson tours ’Slash’ throughout 2019.
March 2019 (Sat 6th Apr 2019 - Sat 6th Apr 2019)
Tickets for Matt Richardson are priced from £14.44
Jimeoin tickets
Irish comedian Jimeoin adds an Inverness show to his Result! 2019 tour plans.
February 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Jimeoin are priced from £
Michelle Wolf tickets
Michelle Wolf
Comedian Michelle Wolf has added a second London date at the Leicester Square Theatre to her UK live plans.
July 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Michelle Wolf are priced from £
Adam Riches tickets
Adam Riches
The Adam Riches Experience tours the UK in spring/summer 2019.
June 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Adam Riches are priced from £
Luke Kempner tickets
Luke Kempner
Luke Kempner has announced his first UK tour, House of Faces.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Luke Kempner are priced from £
Ellie Taylor tickets
Ellie Taylor
Comedian Ellie Taylor will launch her new stand up show in 2019.
October 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Ellie Taylor are priced from £
Sofie Hagen tickets
Sofie Hagen
Sofie Hagen has added a London show to her Bubblewrap/Happy Fat Tour.
May 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Sofie Hagen are priced from £
Mo Amer And Guz Khan tickets
Mo Amer And Guz Khan
Mo Amer And Guz Khan have added a second London show to their Person of Interest Tour.
April 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Mo Amer And Guz Khan are priced from £
Tony Law tickets
Tony Law
Tony Law heads out on an extensive UK tour in spring 2019.
April 2019 (Tue 2nd Apr 2019 - Thu 30th May 2019)
Tickets for Tony Law are priced from £11.00
The Horne Section tickets
The Horne Section
The Horne Section embark on a massive run of UK tour dates throughout 2019.
October 2019 (Tue 23rd Apr 2019 - Thu 5th Dec 2019)
Tickets for The Horne Section are priced from £28.00
Des Bishop tickets
Des Bishop
Comedian Des Bishop has Irish tour dates planned throughout 2019.
March 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Des Bishop are priced from £
Brennan Reece tickets
Brennan Reece
Brennan Reece has announced details of his is third UK tour, Evermore.
April 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Brennan Reece are priced from £
Geoff Norcott tickets
Geoff Norcott
Comedian Geoff Norcott has announced the Taking Liberties tour of the UK in autumn 2019.
October 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Geoff Norcott are priced from £
Fern Brady tickets
Fern Brady
Comedian Fern Brady takes her Power And Chaos tour around the UK in autumn 2019.
October 2019 (Wed 11th Sep 2019 - Sat 12th Oct 2019)
Tickets for Fern Brady are priced from £13.20
Lucy Porter tickets
Lucy Porter
Lucy Porter brings her Pass It On tour to London’s Leicester Square Theatre in April 2019.
April 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Lucy Porter are priced from £
Ed Gamble tickets
Ed Gamble
Comedian Ed Gamble has tour dates planned throughout October and November.
October 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Ed Gamble are priced from £
Joel Creasey tickets
Joel Creasey
Aussie comedian Joel Creasey has announced a London show at Leicester Square Theatre for May.
May 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Joel Creasey are priced from £
Fred Cooke tickets
Fred Cooke
Fred Cooke takes over Dublin’s Vicar Street this November.
November 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Fred Cooke are priced from £
Jokes Alone with Mr Patrick and Friends tickets
Jokes Alone with Mr Patrick and Friends
Nigerian comedian Mr Patrick brings his Jokes Alone show to the UK in May for a headline show at Indigo at the O2.
May 2019 ( - )
Tickets for Jokes Alone with Mr Patrick and Friends are priced from £